The Stray Dog Art Studio released its first poetic performance “The Basement of a Stray Dog” in February 2013. This day became the theater’s birthday, the play gave it a name, and poetry formed the basis of drama. 

During the 7 years since the foundation of the studio, 13 performances have been released:


is an ironic detective based on the play by Marcel Achard – 2020.

"Everything is like people"

Poetry of the 21st century -2019. Retro FM - Comedy based on the play by Richard Baer - 2018.

«Retro FM»

Comedy based on the play by Richard Baer - 2018.


V, Vysotsky Poetry – 2018.

"Don't shoot the white swans"

Poetry of the bards – 2017

"The ship where love dreams come true"

Spanish poetry – 2016

"Santa Claus comes at midnight ... twice"

Lyrical comedy in verse – 2015 - 2016.

"Don't close your heart's mouth"

Poetry of the Silver Age – 2015.

"The higher the Music of Love"

for the 70th anniversary of the victory in WWII – 2015.

"The House of the Deprived of Love"

Poetry by Vladimir Mayakovsky and Vladimir Vysotsky - 2014.

"The place where the light is"

Poetry of Russian rock – 2014.

"Twist and Okudzhava"

Poetry of the 60s of the 20th century – 2013.

"The basement of a stray dog"

Poetry of the Silver Age – 2013.

In 2017, a children's group was also created at the studio, in the history of which there have already been 4 performances:


1. “Cinderella and rock-roll”
2. “Adventures in the flower city”
3. “Seven Wishes”
4. “Pushkin”

and during the years of the studio’s existence, about a hundred people played in its performances.
In 2016 “Stray Dog” took part in the international festival in St. Petersburg for the first time.
In 2017 the first tour to Yerevan took place, with two performances.
In 2019 “Stray Dog” became a diploma winner of the world theater festival “Theatrical Revolution” in Tyumen, Russia.

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