The Department of Post-Graduate Additional Education is a structural subdivision of Mesrop Mashtots University. The department implements additional educational programs for retraining, advanced training of specialists. Additional professional education at the University is carried out in various forms: advanced training and professional retraining (to perform a new type of activity and to obtain additional qualifications).


  •         increase of professional knowledge of specialists, improvement of business qualities, preparation for the performance of new labor functions
  •         meeting the needs of the individual, society and the labor market

Main tasks:

  • professional retraining and advanced training of specialists of organizations of various forms of ownership, civil servants, released and unemployed specialists, as well as the unemployed population;
  • provision of continuing education and development of the general system of regional education;
  • study of the effectiveness and prospects of the development of PGAE in the light of the development of the education system;
  • assistance in the professional adaptation of specialists who have no practical experience; cooperation with domestic and foreign firms, foundations and other interested organizations on the exchange of experience and joint holding of conferences, congresses, seminars, meetings, training of students and University staff, internships, as well as joint scientific activities.
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