Mesrop Mashtots University Strategy


1. Introduction

Strategic plan of the university strives to meet the goal of determining the university’s path to success that is the implementation of our vision adopted in 2018. The goal of the university is to become an inspiring system for developing creativity both in staff and students. Our vision encompasses a complex system of different goals, starting with establishment of a creative link between research and training and encouragement of active participation in the solution of core problems on a local, regional and national scale, culminating with the aspiration of achieving these goals by fostering a favorable, positive environment to support staff and student collaboration and well-being. 

Based on the analysis of the current situation with national institutional accreditation, international institutional assessment and the self-assessment process, Mesrop Mashtots University formulated its long-term development strategy taking into account strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats.

The sustainable development principles are outlined below:

• mission, values and vision;
• the goal of achieving excellence in scientific and practical development;
• structural and substantive improvement of curricula in a more effective way, monitoring of curricula, its election, internal mobility and acquired competencies;
• stimulating the internationalization of higher education and promoting the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh;
• within the framework of our motto – knowledge transfer and cooperation with the local environment, more broad collaboration with the regional and international community, in the aim of becoming a stable and socially responsible university;
• development of support measures for more effective implementation of strategic goals
• promoting the quality culture as much as possible In the next five years, the development strategy 2019-2023 will represent our guiding principle and unanimity.

2. Mission and vision

2.1. Motto

To do everything from which the country may benefit.

2.2. Mission
Mesrop Mashtots University is a higher scientific and educational institution with a national and regional role, which, by its charter and justification of licenses for higher professional education programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the NKR and in accordance with the levels of the framework of national qualifications, provides higher education with bachelor’s and master’s qualifications for Armenian studies in pedagogical, humanitarian, general economic and IT spheres, as well as it is engaged in purposeful educational and research activities.
The mission of Mesrop Mashtots university as a modern student-centered one is the release of qualified, knowledgeable, competitive, flexible, endowed specialists with applicable skills and willing to self-realization and self-improvement with the qualification of bachelor and master degrees appropriate to the characteristics of the region and the demands of the labour

One of the goals of the university is to promote socio-economic development of the region with the requirements of the external benefits and the provision of appropriate opportunities graduates. The University gives importance to the joint research activities of the teaching staff and internal stakeholders, emphasizing the identification of the problems in the region and ways to
solve them.

2. 3 Vision
As a state accredited educational institution of the Republic of Artsakh, Mesrop Mashtots University aspires to become a university, which
1. is one of the leading and competitive state institutions of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh,
2. meets the requirements of the quality of education despite being a state university without external funding,
3. trains not only qualified specialists, but also civilized citizens of the Republic of Artsakh,
4. provides favorable conditions for the formation of a citizen and a specialist, which will contribute to the formation and development of the Republic,
5. offers competitive educational programs that provide applied knowledge, skills and abilities based on innovative educational technologies and teaching methods that meet the needs of external and internal benefits, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the European Higher Education Area and the national circle of qualifications.
6. periodically studying the experience of the world’s leading institutions and using the knowledge gained, will become a university using modern management models,
7. is ready for new professional challenges and responds promptly to the tasks and assignments set by the state and society,
8. has sufficient material and technical means and procedures for regular improvement and improvement,
9. being a representative of its country in the CIS and abroad, it creates scientific and practical platforms for the expression of Artsakh academic thought, contributing to the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh,
10. by integrating its educational activities into the relevant general economic spheres contributes to the formation and development of the state.

2.4 Values

‘Mesrop Mashtots’ is a student-centered university. Therefore, by choosing Mesrop Mashtots University, applicants, their parents, students and employees, colleagues and friends should first of all know the values of the university and be unanimous.

Respect towards personality
We highly value individuality, support the harmonious development of personality, provide opportunities for self-realization and self-development.

We are honest and decent about ourselves, our work, the university, colleagues and students.

Academic Freedom
Realizing the high personal responsibility for the result, we are free to exchange information, choose, develop our own ideas and determine individual actions:

We are ready for new ideas, acquaintances, promising changes, open for dialogue and cooperation:


We love what we do, have a desire and willingness to change the world around us for the better.


3.1. Strengths

1. The University has a mission, goals and values.
2. The university is managed according to a mixed system with the participation of lower levels of management.
3. The University is working on developed, tested educational programs that are flexible to external changes in the labor market.
4. Good attitude of teachers to students, involvement of students in the educational, scientific and social life of the university.
5. Qualified professors-teaching staff, the presence of young scientists.
6. The possibility of participation in research activities, the presence of the Center of Caucasus Studies, the publication of the annual journal “Vestnik”, included in the list of Supreme Certifying Committee, the holding of scientific conferences.
7. Cooperation with the Educational Foundation, the possibility of inviting scientists from near and far abroad:
8. Availability of foreign students, holding annual international conferences, cooperation with other universities.
9. Positive image of the university in the region, advantageous position of the educational complex.
10. Implementation of the education quality assurance system.

3.2. Weaknesses
1. Not all teachers, employees and students are familiar with the mission, goals and values of the university.
2. Weak personnel in the management system, insufficient integration of students into the university management process, passivity of the organization of staff training.
3. Availability of specialties that have little demand from applicants.
4. Passive participation of students in educational, scientific and social activities of the university.
5. The professional development of the teaching staff is private, not institutional.
6. Passive participation of teachers in the scientific activities of the university, weak activity of scientific and educational centers.
7. Financial dependence on the number of students, insufficient capacity of the educational complex, lack of a hostel and buffet, lack of budget places:
8. Non-recognition of the Republic of Artsakh.
9. Weak marketing program of the university.
10. Poor record keeping of the education quality system.


4.1. Management and comparability
Mesrop Mashtots University gives importance to the improvement and development of the quality assurance and monitoring system in accordance with national and European recommendations and standards. To do this, it is necessary to create an effective decision-making system based on the adopted strategic goals and development potential. An integrated university system will have a greater synergetic impact on the development of university members. Thus, knowledge and assets will be successfully combined. Institutional and programmatic compatibility requires a balanced distribution of responsibilities and powers, taking into account the autonomy of the university.

Strategic objectives
1. Better integration of the university system
2. Optimization of the management system
3. High-quality decision-making system
4. Stable financing and stimulating asset allocation

4.2. Excellence in Education
During this period, the university will create an educational environment that will improve the quality of teaching and help students to reach their full potential, while at the same time responding to environmental requirements through knowledge and skills necessary for
progress, growth and sustainable development of society. Taking into account the trends in higher education, the university will focus on providing high-quality education and teaching, taking into account the specifics of each educational program and a student-oriented approach. Special attention will be paid to improving the quality of education using online platforms.

Strategic objectives
1. Development and continuous improvement of EPS
2. Planning and implementation of public responsibility
3. Qualitative comparability of the teaching, learning and evaluation system based on student-centered learning
4. Recruitment of the academic staff meeting the requirements of the necessary skills for the implementation of EPS.
5. Creating an online teaching and learning platform.

4.3. Research Excellence
The mission of the University is to acquire, preserve and disseminate knowledge in the field of research and development, forming interdisciplinary research groups that can implement scientific and research solutions, manage research projects, thereby ensuring the active participation of students in research activities, contributing to the development of society, solving certain regional problems and stimulating the economic development of the region and a more favorable social environment.

Strategic objectives
1. The activation of research activities through scholarships and projects
2. Creation and development of a student research platform
3. Open access to scientific documents, data and research results
4.4. National and international communication

During this period, the university will focus on improving its international reputation in the field of education and research:
1. Improvement of the international reputation of the university
2. Development of joint educational programs and courses in a foreign language
3. Ensuring the mobility of students and the teaching staff
4. The MMU’s contribution to the development of the region and the Republic of Artsakh

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