The UMM Scientific Library is an educational and scientific unit in the structure of the university, which plays an important role in the training of highly qualified specialists.

The main goal of the library is to provide high–quality service and ensure constant communication with the educational process and scientific life of the university, which requires thorough and consistent work.

The Scientific Library was founded in 2001.

The library’s book collection is 27,462 units, of which 13,182 units are e–books. The library fund is equipped with literature in the specialty. The fund of fiction is most richly represented. It presents the best editions of Armenian, Russian, and European classics of the XIX-XX centuries. The library collection is complemented by educational literature in English, German, Persian, as well as encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, reference books.

The library’s book fund is constantly replenished through the acquisition of funds from the university and through donations from private individuals. There are annual subscriptions of scientific and socio-political journals.

General Fund for Languages:

  • Armenian language – 6040 units
  • Russian and foreign languages – 6,100 units

The general fund is distributed in accordance with the tables of bibliographic classification, according to which:

  • Socio-political literature – 2924 units
  • Natural and medical sciences – 629 units
  • Technical sciences – 167 units
  • Agriculture and forestry – 5 units
  • Education, science and culture – 961 units
  • Art and sports – 238 units
  • Philological sciences – 2262 units
  • Fiction – 3424 units
  • Bibliographic textbooks, reference publishers – 1530 units

In the reporting academic year, the library served 432 readers.

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