Internal Quality Assurance Center

The Mesrop Mashtots University Quality Assurance Center is a structural unit that, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Artsakh and other legal acts, contributes to the implementation of the university’s mission, strategy and policy of internal quality assurance, as well as constantly contributes to quality assurance of all aspects of the university’s activities, manages research and educational activities and develops evaluation mechanisms and methods of IQA.

The mission of the Center is to contribute to the formation of a culture of quality priority in the MMU, based on mutual trust and a stable system of values, guided by the principles of transparent and clear policies (rules, regulations, mechanisms) that serve as an incentive for cooperation between students and university staff and for the consistent implementation of education.

The university has created an educational environment that is aimed at the formation of joint educational and research activities of students and teachers and encourages creative and innovative initiatives. Thus, a quality assurance system based on trust should be based on three fundamental principles: honesty, impartiality and awareness.

Alvina Nersesyan

Head of IQAC


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