The Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology of MMU was founded in 2001.

The Chair actively participates in interuniversity and international conferences, organizes presentations of new books and author’s discussions. Lecturers of the Chair are engaged in educational and methodological and research activities.

The mission of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology is to prepare competitive, competent, flexible, ready for self-realization and self-improvement, bachelors and masters, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in the field of pedagogy and psychology, who will be able to provide student-centered learning in the context of inclusive education.

The purpose of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology is:

  • development of professional education curricula that meet the requirements of the labor market;
  • formation of students’ teaching and research skills;
  • improvement of the educational process, improvement of the methodological system of training and assessment;
  • student-centered learning in the context of inclusive education, prioritization of innovative and advanced methods of social and special pedagogy;
  • development and implementation of the program of pedagogical and psychological, inclusive retraining of the teaching staff of the university;
  • organization and conduct of scientific research of teachers of the Chair together with invited specialists;
  • conducting a comprehensive analysis of the educational process and developing a qualitative assessment system;
  • the application of a number of quality assurance procedures that are aimed at improving training programs and resources;
  • retraining of personnel in accordance with regional programs, as well as exchange of teachers;
  • organization of events, seminars, round tables and trainings at the university;
  • organization of interChairal events aimed at improving the skills and competencies of students using modern teaching methods.

The Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology is aimed at increasing the volume of scientific research and increasing the involvement of lecturers and students in research projects.

It is planned to organize interuniversity seminars in the field of pedagogy, psychology and inclusive education.

Арустамян Лилия

Арустамян Лилия

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