In this format of activity, the mission of the chair, from the point of view of both professions, implies the development of the following competencies for a future specialist:

  • Providing basic quality education
  • Provision of theoretical and practical training
  • Endowment with the skills of research and practical work


  • Career-oriented applicants
  • Programs aimed at providing modern, high-quality professional education
  • Research-based learning
  • Regional studies determined by the foreign and domestic political priority interests of the Republic of Artsakh
  • Improving the effectiveness of scientific activities and publications of the Chair
  • External relations, international scientific partnership
  • Replenishment of the teaching staff, addition of professional educational programs, development of the institute of invited teachers

Акопян Анна Гарниковна

Заведующая кафедрой, кандидат философских наук, доцент

The Chair is continuously working on the preparation of methodological manuals. The Chair has programs and teaching aids in all subjects of the specialty, some of which have been published by the university.

The topic of the research work of the Chair: “Armenia in the context of the historical and political development of the South Caucasus in the 19th and 21st centuries”.

The personnel potential of the Chair is aimed at the development of a new specialty “Caucasian Studies”, which has been operating since 2015.


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