The Chair was founded in 2003-2004 academic year.

It trains English language teachers and translators with a bachelor’s degree, English language specialists-philologists with a master’s degree. Along with teaching English as a specialty, the Chair conducts work at all faculties of the University and provides teaching of English, German, French, Latin, Azerbaijani and Persian languages, taking into account the specifics of each faculty. The activity of the Chair is aimed at studying, developing and implementing programs for teaching English, German, French, Latin, Azerbaijani and Persian for the faculties of the university.

The research direction of the Chair is: modern methods of teaching foreign languages, the study and analysis of problems and tasks related to the methodology of teaching foreign languages, the introduction of innovative technologies into the process of teaching a foreign language, the deepening of the theoretical orientation of foreign language learning.

The Chair has Room of foreign languages.


Григорян Гаяне Валерьевна

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