The year of foundation is 2019. The department trains bachelors in the following fields: computer science (computer science), information systems, and masters — computer science and computer engineering, information systems. The department manages the activities of the Information Technology Center of the University, and also cooperates with all departments of the university.

Chair of Mathematics and Informatics is a graduate chair; main specialties are:

  • 061104.01.6 – Information Systems and 061101.01.7 – Computer Science and Computer Engineering in Bachelor’s degree
  • 061104.01.7 – Information Systems in Master’s degree.

The mission of the chair is to train competitive specialists in the field of applied informatics and information technologies who are able to analyze, model and solve problems related to the development and operation of information systems and technologies in accordance with the needs of society, the state and business.

The chair provides training in basic, differentiated and optional subjects in mathematics and computer science in accordance with educational programs.

The formation of professional competencies remains one of the priority areas of education.

The use of statistical analysis methods helps to develop students’ professional competencies, which will further contribute to successful professional activity.

Мелкумян Жанна Борисовна

Заведующая кафедрой,
доцент ММУ


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