The Chair of Economics and Management is a graduate and provides the implementation of educational programs in the areas of “Economics”, “Management”.

The mission of the chair is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and management who are able to compete in the conditions of economic modernization.

Main goals and objectives:

  • training of competent specialists in modern economic conditions who are able to think creatively and make decisions effectively;
  • training of specialists who are fluent in modern information technologies;
  • introduction of innovative teaching methods into the educational process;
  • development of research activities of teachers and students;
  • improving the quality of education .
  • Research focus of the chair:
  • organization of inter-faculty and intra-faculty scientific and practical seminars, discussions, scientific reports on the specialty;
  • development and implementation of a system of motivation of scientific activity of teachers;
  • cooperation with leading experts in the field of international management;
  • implementation of teacher training projects within the framework of interuniversity and international cooperation.
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