The Center’s mission:

  • The Center for Caucasian Studies is a structural subdivision of Mesrop Mashtots University, and as a research center, is designed to promote high-quality training of students and masters in the specialty “Caucasian Studies”.
  • The Center provides assistance in the creation of an electronic library and library fund of the UMM on the topics of Caucasian studies and political science for students.
  • The Center develops research topics for the creation of term papers, theses and master’s theses for students of the Faculty of “Caucasian Studies”.
  • The Center organizes meetings of students of the Faculty of “Caucasian Studies” with politicians, historians, Caucasian studies, orientalists and public figures of Artsakh, Armenia and other countries for communication, discussions, lectures and other forms of cooperation.
  • The Center promotes the organization of round tables at international conferences on the most pressing issues of the development of Artsakh, Armenia and the region as a whole.
  • The UMM Center for Caucasian Studies, in cooperation with regional universities and other research centers, prepares and publishes collections on the topics of the region.
  • Currently, the establishment of the UMM Center for Caucasian Studies is conditioned by the need for a thorough study of the events in the Caucasus and their impact on Artsakh and Armenia.

Hovik Avanesov

Head of the Center for Caucasian Studies


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